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Day 16 – One Marijuana Plant – LED Grow Light Update

One-Marijuana-Plant LED Grow Light Update on Day 16 of Flowering – AND –

I need help with finding a solution to the discolored cannabis leaves in my medical marijuana home grow.

Spots on my Cannabis Leaves - Medical Marijuana Home Grow


I need help with finding a solution to the discolored leaves in my medical marijuana home grow. These days are very, very humid, and I’m taking extra care each day to be sure no pathogens or white powdery mildew or some household mold does not get a chance to get started.

In this video I have


  • a question about why some of my leaves are turning brown and
  • review the cannabis plant in the LED grow on Day 16 of Flowering.
  • where to find SCROG Netting for Screen Of Green Marijuana Growing.

Rust and Spots on my Marijuana Leaves

Let’s start off with the flowering room. Every single day I come into the cannabis flowering room, and I take off any kind of yellowing leaf that I find.

I also look around for leaves that are picking up a discoloration or a spotty patterns, and I take off those leaves that I can, but I’m seeing some of these browning leaves on all of this plant… and I would have to pluck the entire plant bare to get all the leaves off…

I don’t see the discoloration accelerating on those leaves, so I’m just watching them every day. But, any leaf that gets spots and discolored patterns – those leaves get taken out of the grow room.

I need help with this persistent problem in my flower room… has anyone got a tip for me?

Please leave a comment below!

Every day I’m finding leaves that are all brown and crusty, and one particular plant has many leaves that are old dry and crusty.

This GD Female plant has two weeks to finish flowering, but what’s the deal with all of these browning leaves. This is a regular thing for me. I’m in here every day taking out leaves that have gone discolored or have gone brown and dry and I don’t understand why.

I’m wondering about the guys to seem to have grow rooms that don’t have any brown leaves in the underbrush. Is it because I’m not trimming my underbrush? Or is it because I have underbrush here and if I trimmed it there would be no bro leaves because there is no underbrush.

After I received the LED Grow Light

– I almost sent it back the very same day.

Why Did I Want To Return The LED Grow Light?

To my eye – the foot-print of the light stream generated from the LED, did not look like it would cover as much area, nor did it seam to produce as much light as a 400w HPS.

The only reason I kept it, was because of the 90 day guarantee. Over time, it proved it’s might – and now I’m testing it to measure and demonstrate how much leaf and bud material it will produce with just one marijuana plant growing in a closet.

While I went through months of process before I obtained my Medical Marijuana Prescription and License to Grow Cannabis – I did a lot of research to find the best LED Grow Light online.
I kept coming back to compare the top 5 LED Grow Lights – and later narrowed my selection down to just the Top 3, before I chose and ordered.

The LED Grow Light I ordered claimed to produce as much as a 400 Watt HPS light, while only using 155 Watts of energy, and producing much less heat! This was very exciting to me, but after I received the LED – I almost sent it back the very same day.

LED Grow Light

Let’s go take a look at the LED grow light room

As I’m sure you already know, it’s very difficult to actually see the cannabis plant clearly underneath the LED Grow light. The light is made for photosynthesis and not as much for the human eye… we want a different band of light for our own visibility. So the LED light doesn’t seem as bright us as it does to the plant.

So what I’ve done instead of taking the plant out of the room into a different light…. that would be a bad example, if I’m trying to show how to grow cannabis the safest and best way. How to grow cannabis the safest for your home, and safest for yourself, and how to grow cannabis the safest for your plant – against pathogens and pests…

It’s a bad idea to take the plant out of the room. Now that I have it in a clean sterile environment, I clean everything that comes in this room and I don’t disturb the plant. I should not be taking it to a different light where you can see it – instead I brought in a florescent grow light that is better for our spectrum of viewing light.

I’m going to switch lights – just for a bit – so we can take a closer look at the cannabis plant under the white light of the florescent lights.

That’s the — ‘One-Marijuana-Plant’ under the LED grow light experiment — in the closet – now at Day 16

It’s got ‘Red Stem’ going on – so this would be a magnesium deficiency?

What’s with my red-stem Yellow-leaf with curled tips cannabis plants?

It’s looking kind of yellow-leafed, and they are curling up slightly on the tips.

Where To Get SCROG Garden Net

As you see, I do not have the screen of green SCROG Netting. Yet.

I have not been able to find it in the retail stores around here. So I went and found it online and I added it here – so now YOU can find SCROG netting really easily as well.

So there is the update on this LED light grow Experiment. Now that we have a routine here, I will come back and keep taking update video clips like this – taken under this florescent grow light so we can track but it does from day to day.

As we do this test of the 155 Watt LED grow light – we will find out if it really does produce as much bud and leaf as a 400 W grow light.

I must say that when I first got this LED grow light when I first turned it on I was very disappointed. After I first saw the light, I was very skeptical about it. And I almost sent it back – but there was a 90 day warranty – on it so I kept it and decided to test it.

So now I’m doing an experiment to see what one marijuana plant will produce under this top-rated LED Grow Light, in a closet.

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