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Getting Rid Of Cannabis Grow Smell

Getting Rid Of Cannabis Grow Smell

Today I got a question about how to get rid of cannabis grow smell.

I like to thank the people who are asking me questions about how to grow weed on YouTube! This is fantastic and I’m enjoying making these videos. I’m glad people are getting value and asking me questions! Thank you.

Gotta Have An Activated Carbon Filter

The long and the short of it is – you need an activated carbon filter combo kit
to get rid of the smell from a marijuana grow room.

Be prepared to spend as much on your odor control as you spend on your grow light.

Avoid The Risk!

One of the most common ways a home grow op is detected – is by the smell. New growers who are trying to do it on the cheap, and end up taking far greater risk than needed.

My Grow Room Odor Control Setup

I have a small sized activated carbon filter for my room up with a 1000 W light. Air is draw in through the filter, through a 6 inch hose into my six-inch cool-tube light fixture, through a 6 inch in-line fan, and then expelled from the room.

The smell is absorbed and the heat is removed from the room so I can have the plants closer to the light where they get more lumens.

To control the odor in your grow room you absolutely need a activated Carbon charcoal filter. Some people say you can make your own but the odds are not very good that you can do it properly.

Make A Homemade Activated Carbon Filter?

A homemade activated carbon charcoal filter will not end up saving you money because it will be inefficient and it probably won’t work correctly.

As you can see by the construction of my activated carbon charcoal filter – it is designed properly to absorb the correct size of molecule to remove all of the odor from the air.

If you cannot eject the air out of your grow room, you can still use these activated carbon filters by reversing the airflow.

Instead, the air is forced through the light, through the hose and forced through the carbon filter. This will recirculate the air around and absorbs the odor right inside the room.

The Best Size Of Activated Carbon Filter

There’s a large variety of activated carbon filter hydroponic odor control options that you can order. Something as small as a closet grow in an apartment or a large carbon filter for something with several lights.

Hopefully this helps you decide that you really do need to carbon filter for your grow room, and you should spend as much money on your filter as you do on your light – maybe even more!

You can grow some nice plants under a low-budget light, but if you go for a low-budget smell protection you could end up getting busted.

So the best idea is to get rid of the smell of cannabis by removing it with activated carbon charcoal filter and reduce your risks of being detected.

Even legal, licensed marijuana growers must pay careful attention to removing the smell from your grow op – so that you have less risk of being detected and robbed.

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