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Best Soil Mix For Cannabis Seedlings and Flowering Marijuana Plants

Best Soil Mix For Cannabis Seedlings and Flowering Marijuana Plants

The weed soil I use for growing the seeds is the same soil mix that I use for the little weed plants, and I keep that same Best Soil Mix For Cannabis and use for the flowering plants as well. Hi this is Joey from the Juiced Cannabis channel on YouTube.

As soon as I published my latest video how to choose the best Cannabis seeds and the best way to germinate cannabis seeds, I received another question:

What is the best soil mix for growing new cannabis seedlings?

  • What soil mix do you use for marijuana seedlings?
  • How do you prevent over-watering new cannabis seedlings?
  • What is the best soil mix for weed that is flowering?

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Best Soil Mix For Cannabis Seedlings

It’s really simple and it really works.

And the reason it works is that it’s really loose soil. I use the number four sunshine aggregate mix. It’s a professional potting mix. This is a compressed bail of soil – so I have to scrape to loosen up the dirt so that it fills up my little container. This bail of compressed soil actually goes a long way — a lot further than I expected!

I take that soil mix and I dump it into a mixing container, and then I mix the soil in a 1:1 ratio with vermiculite.

The vermiculite and the soil mixed together to give us a very loose and light airy soil mixture. This is important for giving the roots lots and lots of oxygen.

So – I can pour the water into this container.. and so long as it’s got a drain hole, I know that this is going to have good moisture-to-air ratio inside the soil, and so my roots are going to do very well because they have the correct humidity inside the soil and the correct amount of oxygen in the soil.

capricechild92 Soil Is A Huge Deal

Should I Grow Cannabis in Soil or DWC Hydroponics?

And that’s the only reason that Deep Water Hyro Culture (DWC) actually works, because the water has been super-oxygenated with bubbling air, so that the plants’ root system can survive. No very many plants can survive with their roots fully submerged in water – they will drown.

It’s only the super-oxygenation of the water in DWC that lets the plants survive and thrive.

Lighter Soil Mix With More Vermiculite

I mix in a lot of vermiculite to make my soils very, very loose and light – even more so than the professional mix.

And this is the soil mix I use for the Cannabis in my medical home weed growing. This lets me flush the plant property – and it assures me that I’m not going to have the soil too wet as I did in the first grow. I had some basic home potting mix that was way too heavy and dense and my roots didn’t form very well.

Weed Soil Mix And Maximum Root Formation

If you look through my YouTube channel I do have a video on revealing details about how roots are forming inside some of the plant containers. I had a bunch of cannabis seedlings, and after I sexed them, I had to kill several male marijuana plants. After I killed the males, I overturned the plant and looked at the root formation of the cannabis plant… The dryness of the soil mix was critical in determining how well the roots had formed, and this, of course, had a profound effect on how well the plants did in flowering.

Best Soil Mix For Cannabis From Seed To Harvest

Hopefully this kind of soil mix information helps your home grow op – although this weed soil mix information is very basic… this is all you need!

Professional Soil Mix with lots of Vermiculite, and then you can water the daylights out of it each wet/dry cycle – and you can be assured that you’re not going to over-water it, so long as it can drain properly, and it dries between waterings.

This soil mix is great when you’re switching nutrient mix from vegetative to flowering mix – because you have so much space in-between the pieces of soil, you can really chase all of the vegetative water out of soil medium, and change to the nutrient concentration to that which is best for each phase of growing and flowering your cannabis.

Well that’s a long video about a very short tip on weed soil!

Thanks again for your questions and comments under the videos! Often, I think the questions and comments under the video are more valuable than the video itself!!

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