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Cannabis Cuttings Q and A – Best Marijuana Cloning Tips

Cannabis Cuttings Q and A – Best Marijuana Cloning Tips

Hi this is Joey from the Juiced Cannabis channel on YouTube with a question and answer video on cannabis cuttings – learn the best Marijuana Cloning Tips for fast and easy root development!

If you’ve got any tips for Cannabis cuttings, leave your comments! If there’s something that I did that you don’t do, or if there’s something that you do that I missed — please leave comments below so that I get to learn and everybody who watches this video long afterwards, also get to learn!

With your comments, this video will become a big resource for people in the future who are learning the best equipment for cloning Cannabis.


Because one day, Cannabis science *will* overcome United-Nations-Sponsored Cannabis Superstition.

  • What Is The Best Equipment For Marijuana Cuttings?
  • How Big Should The Marijuana Mother Plant Be?
  • What Is The Best Rooting Hormone For Growing Cannabis?
  • What Are The Smallest Cannabis Cuttings I Can Use?

Q. 1. – What Equipment Do I Need For Marijuana Cuttings?

The first question about marijuana cloning, is about the equipment you’re going to need to do cuttings. To start off, we must get the water prepared properly. Take regular city tap-water and let it sit out overnight – and just let the chlorine from the city water bubble off.

Then, correct and test the pH of your water to the range of 5.5-6.0. All the water coming out of my tap is at about pH 9 – I think cities need that pH level so that nothing grows in all the underground water pipes.

Then I added 1 mL of each of these nutrients to the water (FloraGrow, FloraMicro and FloraBloom) – and you can see in the video, that it’s a slightly pink color

The next thing to prepare for your marijuana cuttings – the rockwool cubes. I open up the rockwool cubes, put them into a plastic container, and flood them with pH 5.5 water, and let them stand for a few minutes.

Now that we have the rack of rockwool cubes in the cutting tray, I completely wet them and let them soak for 10 minutes in the pH 5.5 water.

If you don’t correct pH of these rockwool cubes, and you put your cuttings directly into the cubes, then your cuttings will all die.

This is a critical part of fast Cannabis cuttings – get the pH of your rockwool cubes correct!

I find the pre-made holes in the rockwool cubes are not deep enough and become tight in the middle when inserting new cuttings into the cubes. This is good if you have a woody stock – but it’s not very good for the soft marijuana cuttings. As a solution, I take a skewer, and poke deeper holes in the cubes before inserting the cannabis cuttings.

Be sure to pre-poke the holes a little bit better in the Rockwool cubes – so that it’s easy to get the Cannabis stem all the way down into the cube.

Q. 2. – What Size Of Cannabis Plant Can I Take Cuttings From?

The second question that everybody has is: when is it okay to take a cutting off a marijuana plant? There’s a lot of different ways to do determine how big your cannabis plant should be before taking cuttings, but there is a basic minimum requirement.

The cannabis plants in this video just make the basic minimum requirements for taking cuttings.


In this video, we review examples of small cannabis plants to see if they’re ready to donate cuttings. I like to have three nodes before taking a cutting. We can see the first two examples only have four nodes in total, so if I was to take a cutting from this I would leave the plant with very little left to recover from donating the cutting.

Be sure to take a cutting from a plant that has a minimum of five or six nodes of total growth so that you can take the three notes off the top, and the cannabis plant still has enough leaves and branches to regrow quickly.

In this video example, I show taking a cutting from the plant that has enough nodes left over at the bottom, so that it will recover from that terrible assault.

Be certain that you create a TAG for each cuttings to keep track of which plants are which!

When you’re trimming of your cuttings take off the lower leaves and branch in the middle leaving branch and then trim the top leaves in the small circle to leave very little surface area left



The next thing to do is to scrape and score the bottom of the cutting stem, so that you cause damage. Then let them sit for 15 minutes in the open air so that this will cause the undifferentiated callous cells to form in the wound area. Once those wound cells are created, then put the rooting powder on, put them into the tray, cover them up, give them a little bit of mist and let them rehydrate.

This process is really hard on the cannabis plants – they really don’t like it – but this is exactly that damage that causes the cutting to kick immediately into high gear for creating roots.


In this video I also take off many cuttings off a mother plant – and I do the same thing: I look for three nodes of space and leave another couple notes below that so that the plant can recover and create new cuttings.

Q. 3. – What Rooting Hormone Do I Need?

The next question about marijuana cuttings is what is the best way to use rooting hormone.


Before you dip your cuttings into the rooting hormone powder or rooting gel, make sure that you score the bottom of the branches on all sides to increase the places where roots will form.

Dip the cutting in the Rooting powder and then shake off the excess so that you can see that the cutting is pink on all sides.

Take the cutting that has been dipped in the rooting hormone and gently push it into the Rockwool Cube – this is where it’s really handy that you pre-poked the holes nice and deep!

And then take your naming tag and add that into the rockwool cube.

Repeat this process and fill up your tray with all the cuttings that you need.

Q. 4. – What Is The Smallest Cutting We Can Use?

In this video I show the smallest marijuana cuttings that you can get away with – the three-node Cannabis cuttings.

I’ve taken these cuttings and clean them up and cut off the leaves, then I took a pair of scissors and I scored all of the bottom of the cuttings before I put them into the routing powder hormone.

And at the end of the video show the end result of the cuttings in the tray, covered with a bit of plastic wrap and sprayed with a bit of clean, clear water to give them some moisture.

See more examples of successfully rooted cannabis cuttings from prior generations, along with another layer of marijuana plants that are in vegetative mode getting ready to go into my home-grow flowering chamber.